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The Natural Attraction Blueprint
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What Will You Learn In
The Natural Attraction Blueprint Web Class?
1 – Introduction

- Why this training is DIFFERENT to anything else you've ever seen before

- How to get the most out of the event (and remember what you learn)

What we will be learning today:

    - Who I am and how I can help you
    - The ONE Big Problem
    - The FIVE Biggest Mistakes Men Make (AND how to fix them using…)
    - The ‘M.A.N. System’
    - What’s working RIGHT NOW for our clients
    - Tools, strategies, techniques

2 – Who is Ben Alexander and why you should listen to him?

- Ben’s story. How he used to have NO confidence and TOTALLY SUCK with girls!
    (I hold nothing back here. I even include REAL pictures from my past so you can have a glimpse into my old life, and follow me on the journey as things start to change)
- The ups and downs, the COUNTLESS MISTAKES (to avoid)
- How Ben painstakingly turned his life around, step by step, to become a world-renowned expert in men’s confidence and dating skills who teaches internationally
- How The Legends Academy started, what they do and how they can help you

3 – The BIG Problem

- Why so many men struggle with confidence and dating

- The 5 Biggest Mistakes Men Make in Dating

(You are making AT LEAST one of these!)

4 – The ‘M.A.N. System’ Intro

- The 3 Steps of how any man can become confident & NATURALLY attractive to beautiful women

(EVEN if he has limited/no past success)

5 - How Mindset is the foundation of all success

- How your past will be your future if you don’t learn how to remove limiting beliefs and self-sabotage, and learn to be confident
- The 4 ways men keep themselves STUCK and don’t move forward (and how to fix it)

- How to think like a confident, naturally-attractive man

6 – How Natural Attraction Works

- Why being fake doesn’t work (and what DOES!)

- The ‘A.B.C. Attraction System’
- How to avoid the dreaded ‘Friend Zone’
- How communication REALLY works
- How to create tension to get women chasing YOU!
- Physical touch – what’s important
- Closing the deal, and how to avoid AUTOMATIC FAILURE

7 – How to WIN the ‘Dating Game’

- How to get a girl on a date with you
- Phone, Texting & Online Dating Tips
- How to avoid the most common dating mistakes
- The '3 Step First-Date Strategy’ for:
    - Making sure you get a second date
    - How to cut your dating costs (important when you're dating lots of girls!)
    - Becoming intimate with a girl by the 3rd date at the latest to avoid the 'Friend Zone'
- How to never get stood up for a date and date more girls with less time
- How to become the CHOOSER of the girls you really want (and AVOID the crazy ones!)
- How to KEEP the girl of your dreams when you find her

8 - Going Forward & Next Steps

- A few examples of our clients’ successes using our system
- How we manage to have such a high success rate
- Why we CHOOSE our clients and don't let just anyone work with us
- If you want to know more, or want to start using our system right away, what to do next
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